Pflege von Holzuhren mit Öl

It is important that you take care of your wooden watch, so that you can enjoy it for a very long time. But what do you have to keep in mind when cleaning and maintaining your watch? In this blog post we have gathered all the important information you need. And if you are still looking for the right watch for you, just visit our online shop!


During the manufacturing of your watch varnish is applied as a protective layer to prevent damages from sweat and other outer influences. This way your watch is ready to be worn the moment it arrives at your doorstep - without any further care needed.

However, the protective layer wears off after a certain period, as it is continuously exposed to sweat and water from your skin, which even the finest varnish cannot prevent. And as with every natural fibre too much light, wetness, humidity, and even perfume may bleach or soften the wood. In case your watch gets wet, take it off, let it dry and after a short while the links of your wristband will fit smoothly around your wrist again.

Don't worry if you see the wood change colours. Wood is a natural material that will adjust to its wearer, which makes each watch unique. Just follow our very easy care instructions and you will have a companion for life.

Keep your wooden watch away from too much water, which means you need to take it off before taking a shower or bath. To maintain and take care of it properly, a little bit of beeswax on a paper towel will do the job. Just rub the towel gently in circular motions on the surface and then use another clean piece to take off any remaining oil residue. Just in case you have some beeswax on the glass, just remove it with warm water. Giving your wooden watch a little waxing from time to time will provide the best conditions for a long life.

Your favourite watch is a true fashion accessory that you should enjoy every day. Unfortunately this makes scratches and other damages inevitable. Just remember to put some beeswax on these scratches and damages to avoid water from penetrating the wood and you'll have a watch companion for life!

If you have any further questions about how to take care of your watch, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

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